the thing is that ain't nothing fun in committing the suicide
it's not some fuckin quote, i mean it, 'cuz i know it

ain't no real rebels all around
everyone here is just bohemia

those kinda writers who meet on Saturdays and Sundays and read their pseud-intellectual stories and everything and their amount and amount of their meetings seem to me like fuckin commercial and they look like copy of a copy of a copy, graphomaniac texts without any deep (or even just any) sense behind
the best praise for them to be unappreciated and misandaztood - oh yes! it means you created something really cool

those kinda super-mega-creative designers or so, who think they are Andy Warhol, damnit
the more disgusting or weird is their creation - the more talented they are
surrealism or futurism is nothing comparing with their fuckin high art
minimum of efforts - maximum of praise
they will cut their hair in all damn directions at one time, and girls will go out with girls - the reason is primitive: LOOK AT ME!
and at last the most horrible fact - there is TOO MUCH of them
if you tell them you hate them - they will die of happiness (should have try it)

those kinda geeks
oh c'mon! a whole army of 11 yeared CEO's and everything
i don't believe in army of geniuses if only it's not some kind of a bug -  at last they live in the web, who knows..
the only revolution they can make it's machine revolution
their androids and everything will turn against them and at last terminator's idea will come true

those kinda musicians
okay, does anything - anything in the world - interest you except girls/love/sex/broken heart and so topics?
if not - don't even try
or sing in turkish or whatevs
at least we'll don't understand you

those kinda fashionistas and hipsters or what
do i need to comment?
they are the biggest, the number fuckin one poseurs in the whole world!

those previous ones at least do copies of great people but these ones..

what i'm trying to say is
we don't feel anything
we don't care
we're talented but so fuckin lazy that it makes me sick
we are blank generation

and it's horrible
take this sandpaper and scrap all of this stuff
stupid smart poems, posters, snotty lyrics and skeptical faces

find something - at least something - REAL
stop being this stupid bohemia and someone's copy, damnit!
you will never become the great person until you become - yourself

start now

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